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What do we do?

We identify, protect and map burial grounds, holy places, religious landscapes and shrines all across the world. 

We've married decades of experience to state of the art, modern techniques and equipment. Our approach to religious heritage is distinct, empathetic and strictly neutral.

Our services

Our services include digital survey, mapping, recording, historical research, digitisation and the integration of records and archaeological excavations. 

We also offer safe online archiving of results, products and publications of synthesized and analysed results as appropriate.

Our methodology

Our methodology is cutting edge. We adhere to internationally recognised recording and research standards.

Phase one

We create an accurate digital map of all religious buildings, sites, landscapes and burial grounds in a specific region or country.

This work includes the International Burial Grounds and Monuments Survey.

Phase two

After speaking with the local communities, we begin a ground survey to work out the condition of each building or burial ground. We then do a digital survey and record everything to add an information layer on our map. Then, if necessary, we might recommend some conservation actions.

Phase three

We work with the local communities, the relevant authorities and other partners to tell the story of what we recorded. We give tools and materials for interpretation. And we raise the profile of the places and their meanings, as appropriate.

Our team

We are a charity set up to help with the recognition, protection and mapping of all religious heritage. Our team of experts are academics and heritage professionals with at least 20 years of relevant experience working in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Joseph Elders

Dr Elders is an archaeologist and architectural historian with expertise in places of worship and burial grounds. In England, he initiated the Church Heritage Record and National Burial Grounds Survey. He has worked on recording churches, mosques and burial grounds in the UK, Germany, and the Middle East. 

Christina Welch

Dr Welch teaches on the subjects of theology, religion and philosophy, and does research into the role of popular visual representation. She has worked with First People groups in North America and Jewish communities in the Caribbean. She is a leading expert in late medieval and early modern cadaver monuments.

Niall Finneran

Dr Finneran is a historical archaeology professor and a heritage management consultant with expertise in African and Caribbean archaeology. He has worked on a range of archaeological sites in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, and authored over 100 academic papers and books.

Thorsten Kruse

Dr Kruse is a political scientist and expert on the modern history and politics of Cyprus. His research looks into how politics influence the way religious heritage is dealt with. He has worked on a range of projects in Greece, Lebanon, and several western European countries where he conducted intensive field research.

Julie Patenaude

Mrs Patenaude is a cultural heritage professional with expertise in digital recording and communication. She has worked on numerous projects aimed at recording, protecting and promoting cultural heritage using digital tools in the UK, France, Canada and Egypt.

Paul Spoerry

Dr Spoerry is an archaeologist with thirty years experience who specialises in medieval period remains and professional skills. He has written on everything from scientific techniques and heritage legislation to vernacular buildings in Greece and post-Roman ceramics, and is currently conducting research in landscape archaeology.

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